About We Can Run!

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We Can Run has been delivering results since 2015. Our goal is to get people running who have never run, help people back into running and to improve the performance of current runners.

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Beginners running…

We have an 8 week programme aimed at non-runners, people who’re returning to running or for people who fancy running with a group. We aim to be running for 30 mins by the end of the 8 weeks and we get there by slowly building up the running time and decreasing the walking time.

In our coached session we look at posture and running technique to allow you to run safely and prevent injury.

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Improvers running…

In our coached sessions we offer a variety of sessions all aimed at improving the performance of our runners. We work on speed, technique, drills, hill work etc.

All at We Can Run are here with one goal in kind… to get people running! We know how great it can make you feel and the sense of achievement for all of our runners after our sessions,  whether you’re a beginner or have been running for a while is fantastic.

We provide one coached session and two follow up homeworks as part of the package for both groups. Because we have so many people in our running team, there is always someone to go out and run with so never again will you be struggling for the motivation to pull on your trainers and go out running.


We can do this…we can run!


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